Who we are

Creative Styles is a diversified innovation company specializing in educational, entertainment, media, product, and Internet solutions comprised of children’s digital brands and products, such as CreatiCUBE, Children Story Time, and Yoga for Kids. Our company combines innovation and trailblazing solutions at the crossroads of e-commerce product exchange, education through entertainment and media and Internet portals, with brands and products that delight and available to engage millions of people all over the world. The company is headquartered in the downtown region of Minneapolis, Minnesota and has business operations and satellite offices worldwide.

How it started

Creative Styles unique legacy is driven by its ability to create and assemble high performing businesses and category leaders within the children’s education, media, entertainment and product businesses. Our unique value proposition is to process and transform everything from how kids create innovation with physical play toys, customizing cultural connecting children stories to promoting physical exercise.

Nicolas Styles saw in the early days of combining technology and play with early child development curriculum and how this represents what is commonplace today: that technical leaps in interactivity would revolutionize kids learning in combining physical play with innovative devices.


Since Nicolas Styles inception in the children’s educational industry ten years ago, his drive to establish these products as businesses have consistently unleashed the power of digital interactivity to transform and disrupt the daily living families, Businesses like CreatiCUBE and Children Story Time revenue model proves that children toy industries are desperately looking for companies that specializes in education and play through innovative solutions.

Creative Styles is not a believer in simply agglomerating assets in perpetuity: as entities grow into size and maturity, it’s healthy to give them separation and independence. Creative Styles is building its name by not being reliant on amassing great companies, but on creating them, fostering them, and preparing them to stand on their own.

Our Projects


Built around the concept of modular technology and dramatic play enhancement, CreatiCUBE is an innovative product designed to develop and enhance cognition in young children. Our toy design is specifically engineered to stimulate auditory, visual, fine motor and other sensory skills. The central concept revolves around a durable 4’W X 4’H base cube play structure that can be assembled into various interchangeable and realistic kits such as: lemonade stand, fire station, police station, hospital and other real world life environments. The various kits are all interactive, tech integrated and in working conjunction with the base cube. The functionality of the kits simulate those of the actual facilities so the experience is not just exciting and creative but also teaches essential life skills such as independence and responsibility. The range of activities are the perfect balance of physical play and technological engagement allowing kids true creative freedom to craft their user experience.

Children Story Time

Children Story Time is an interactive website platform and smart media device application that allows parents to download, edit or create customizable children stories that are focused on teaching children essential elements in literacy developments. Users will have free unlimited online availability and with our commercialized launch, a robust smart media device app available for all smart devices. Through a gamification interface the app offers children many different aspects of excitement and learning. Some of the tools deployed are character avatars, rewards and challenges to enhance each story potential to make it more engaging for children participants. The stories are customizable, entertaining, educational, and engaging.

Yoga For Kids

Yoga for Kids is a yoga studio designed to create and implement focused material for yoga classes dedicated to children and their parents. Co-founders Nicolas Styles and Odhran Hayes, growing out their dreams of supporting, children, women and families in diverse multicultural communities, founded Yoga for Kids in 2014. Our Prenatal Yoga class curriculum is designed to support thousands of women on their path to motherhood through our prenatal yoga, childbirth education, and wellness services. We couldn’t feel more blessed to be doing this work. Our goal is to provide quality curriculums dedicated in creating stronger mind, body and spirit through the healthy practice of yoga in an openhearted community of support for each person who walks through the door.