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We have officially Launched!

facebook-profile-logo drawingtemplate-01The past two weeks have been a plethora of extreme changes and improvements upon our website and company.  On Wednesday, February 8, after 8 months of grueling detail work and long 12+ hour days, we finally launched our most anticipated venture yet, which is the dynamic website.  We’ve been working on getting this up and completed for the past 8 months with tremendous setbacks and near impossible feats to accomplish our aforementioned goals.  To be honest there were times that I thought this day would never come, but our team persevered to deliver a high performance website.  We also managed to finally launch the much anticipated Indiegogo campaign.  This is a campaign that we will fully see to the end and continue to work and build our organization.  In essence, the foundation has been laid and we are off to a great start!

I especially want to give thanks to our team in Bangladesh, Jewel, Mr. Faez, Nazmul, Shariar and the rest of the team.  Your dedication and work to this process has been tremendous and we definitely could not get the website and other pertinent programs established and moving without your invaluable assistance.  Kudos gentlemen and welcome aboard!

I also want to thank our local team, Marko, Liz, Nehemiah, Sam I and Sam II for all of the work, dedication and sacrifice produced by the team.  Your service has been incredible and I look forward to continuing our work in this next year.  A shout our also goes to Rosana and Rohan who’s service in graphics and catering especially has produced nothing but positive responses from our dear friends.

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Launching our crowdfunding campaign next week!

Yes!  You read the title correct.  After many months of changes, edits, approvals & re-approvals on projects, the date has finally arrived.  We will be launching our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on Wednesday, February 8 on the same day as our website launch.  In fact, the event is designed to present our dynamic website through a video link that you can register for and we will also showcase our Indiegogo campaign page.  This event is designed to bring continued eyes and presence to our social media sites and website more specifically.  We have a ton of programming designs and features embedded in our program to entice people to continuously to visit our website.  We are also setting up a coupon/reward system designed to provide gaming experience for our customers.  

Also in the next week, you will see our new branding elements for our company, though our website, social media banners and video overlays that we update frequently through our YouTube channel.  In the next two days, we will send out an email/newsletter to everyone that is in my personal (Nicolas Styles) contacts and people who are currently signed up to receive our newsletters.  In essence, it would seem that all of the pieces to make a successful journey in entrepreneurship is present in our current schematic designs and it is just a matter of doing the proper execution.  

Lastly, our social media sites are now coming together and we are securing proper engagement with people who are finding us and are interested in pursuing our product.  This is good, because it provides more traction and people knowing about us, who we are, what we do and most importantly, how to find us.  It’s coming together and it is getting very excited!

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Happy Birthday Dr. King….

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Dr. Martin Luther King jr.

Today we celebrate the birth of a great human being, spectacular leader, and inspirational mentor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King jr.  Dr. King symbolizes the path we should all take in understanding love and appreciation for all of G-D’s creatures, regardless of color, creed, or sex.  We as humans must continue to strive for patience and understanding with each other and we owe a dedication to our neighbors in helping them to overcome adversity and grow into exceptional human beings.  Dr. King fought an impossible battle of forging exceptional alliances with world leaders in combating racism, poverty, illiteracy and economic depravity.  His voice gave hope to the millions of disenfranchised people who has been systematically oppressed for hundreds of years to advance the colonialists cause of economic expansion.  He fought to give us hope and a voice to speak our anger and oppression through non-violent ways.

On this day we remember the struggles of those whose voices are long forgotten.  We remember the pain of generations of people who have lost their freedoms, rights and deprived of the basic human necessities in building the American dream.  So from all of us at Creative Styles, we wish you and your family a happy Dr. King jr.’s birthday and spend the message of love and cheer.

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Coming together….

Good morning everyone!  Things are really coming together fast!  Over the last few days, we have been putting out developmental issues with our website and cleaning up a ton of bugs within the website.  We are also compressing all of the images and really programing in some dynamic programming features designed to increase engagement and traffic with our website, through our social media.  As previously mentioned, we hired on additional resources to help us in communicating our brands through these social media sites.  Originally we wanted to launch our crowdfunding campaign next Monday, January 16, but now I see that we will not make the deadline.  However, we will be able to launch within this month better than ever.  All of the tools and devices we are building is designed to increase engagement and participation with people who are interested in our products and brands.  

Next week, we will reshoot our Indiegogo campaign video and prepare it for our crowdfunding launch.  We also previously mentioned that we will be sending out online invitations in the near future to invite guests to our online website launch.  We will be showcasing all of the unique features our website ha

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More Developments….

Apologies for the late blog post!  As you know, we have been incredibly busy instituting our new branding strategies.  We are very excited to welcome the newest member of our team Landon Kapus, who has agreed to come aboard Creative Styles as the newest member to our social media team.  Landon is responsible for the day to day outreach of our Twitter brand and we look forward to sharing his good work.  Also our website is continuously changing each day to match our brand and functionality.  Soon we will be able to launch our new brand, site and marketing to the public.

Soon we will have our video ready for our crowdfunding campaign for Creative Styles, more specifically CreatiCUBE.  Thus far we have received numerous positive feedback from parents wanting to learn more and engage with our toy.  Our toy is perfect for developing children’s cognitive skills through imagination and engagement learning in physical play.  More to come….

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Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017 Everyone!  This is the first message we would like to state for all of our friends, fans and customers alike, we wish you a very happy and prosperous new year.  Nothing much has deviated from our current path of communication and marketing launch.  The good news is that we’ve hired a new social media engager for Facebook and currently are interviewing several morello fill the other social media positions.  As previously mentioned in other posts, we are fully aware of the importance of having a robust and updated social media engagement through our portal, so we are making important strides in finding near permanent solutions for our social media outreach.  

We also received our group headshots back from our photographer/executive producer Uzoma Obasi and they look phenomenal.  Can’t wait to share these photos online with all of you.  You will see a glimpse of Uzoma’s talent and we are looking forward to further exploring his talents.  As you can also tell, there has been some additional programming and aesthetic functionality appearing on the site.  In the next few weeks, we will add more additions in preparation for our website and Indiegogo campaign launch.  Be sure to sign up for our website launch, which will be a live interaction for us and our signed community members.  Again, we wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!  Namaste!

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The work continues….

Good morning everyone.  I hope that all of you have had a wonderful holiday.  As you know we are making some positive changes in our company direction.  Recently we had our pictures taken professionally and will post them in our new “Our Team” section in the next few days.  Our development team has been hard at work creating the new functionalities on the website.  Soon we will showcase the work they have been doing since November. 21.  In fact, in the new few weeks our plans of launching the Indiegogo campaign will also coincide with the online launch of our new website.  This will take place on Monday, January 16 at approximately 10:00am,, so be sure to look our for the invitation.  Another issue we have is the lack of updated information on our social media websites and online blog system.  In other words, creating the continuous dialog between you and our brand.  In the next few weeks, we hope to change this perception and create a strong system of transparency in social media, blog and out reach in general.  More to come…

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Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah!



Good morning everyone!  Today is a great day of celebration for Christmas for our Christian customers and Happy 2nd day of Hanukah for our Jewish Friends.  Today is a great day for celebration, feasting and being with loved ones.  As you can guess, this week has been incredibly busy with updating our material, preparing for our crowdfunding campaign launch and celebrating the holiday spirit.  In spirit of the holidays, we off you our customized holiday card and wish you a happy new years!

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The holidays are upon us

As the holidays are fast approaching us, I can’t help but feel true excitement for the present and future of our organization.  Two nights ago, we celebrated our 1st holiday party for the company of Creative Styles.  The majority of our team feasted on delicious appetizers of crispy egg rolls, smooth texture of cream cheese puffs and mouthwatering chicken wings.  The main course consisted of several plates filled with sweet and sour chicken, chicken patay, chicken fried rice, beef and vegetables and white rice.  All of this was closely followed by slices of dessert cheese cake and fudge brownie.  The evening was topped off by unlimited glasses of red wine and meaningful conversation with loved ones about our dreams, hopes and failures of classes and entrepreneurship.  The evening ended on a positive note about our organization and our  chosen path of market penetration.   

We realized as things continued to progress in a positive manner, we could be ready to launch our crowdfunding initiatives in the next 3 weeks.  This launch can propel the amount of users who continuously engage in social media activities and can position our products through early adaption marketing stage.  In the next several days, our website will undergo some transformative solutions for customer process engagement.  The website will be more dynamic and have more content of product renderings, content biographys’ and improved website analytics.  Soon we will be ready to share our newest updates with our social media platforms and launch our new tools to the toy manufacturing and service organizations existing within the early childhood ecosphere.  

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Video reshoot and more…

Apologies for the missed posts yesterday as I have promised to keep our readers up to date with our progress.  Yesterday we had some exciting new potentials that opened up for CreatiCUBE.  If we can agree and secure the proper numbers, it could mean that CreatiCUBE is definitely on its way to being elevates as an investment opportunity.  More to come.  

Today was our film reshoots for the CreatiCUBE Indiegogo campaign video.  I must say that after a shaky start, we were able to generate some excellent pieces for editing and platform distribution.  We managed to ensure all of the essential elements were present in the video including the amount of the goal, the purposes and why we need your help.  This was also the 3rd time that Mike Hestick and I collaborated on a project and I must say that I think it went very well.  Mike was able to contribute his videography skills and his communication skills through the language of the script.  We are so excited about this project and can’t wait to share it with all of you.  

One of the things that we decided to incorporate is weekly updates or “vlogs” to all of our customers and friends.  These video blogs are designed to provide weekly updates to everyone participating in our campaign crowdfunding and eventually other projects used to make our company and website.  Hopefully, things remain on task and we are able to complete the desired tasks for more effective solutions.  

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