CreatiCUBE is an innovative product that is built around the concept of modular innovation and designed to enhance cognitive development in young children. More specifically, our product is engineered to stimulate children’s auditory, visual, fine motor and other sensory skills.

CreatiCUBE’s are designed to help children create imagination through interactiveplay. Our products are unique because our accessory attachments can only fit with CreatiCUBE products, thus making our products intellectual propertied and technology superior over our rival companies. This creates stronger barrier of entry for our competitors from entering into the commercialized marketplace.

Our CreatiCUBE’s are the only toy play structures that are unique in its size and functionality to fit both indoors and outdoors. CreatiCUBE’s are also the first toyplayhouse that can literally transform to different play structures with the addition of multiple accessory attachments. Also one of our wall attachments are coated with a laminate sheet that is available in clear or white colors to provide a tool for children to engage in unlimited artistic expressions to promote creativity, imagination and artistic expression for enhancing the child’s play.

Our toy provides children with the tools to enhance their cognitive imagination through physical play and critical thinking processes as the child continues to develop these much-needed skills in preparation for kindergarten readiness.

Story Line Curriculum

Our storyline curriculums is based on our proprietary pedagogical strategy for active learning and engagement that integrates different subjects – history, safety, communication, mathematics, language and culture, geography, science, technology, health and expressive arts.


The main feature that differentiates our storyline curriculums from other learning and teaching products is that our curriculums recognize the cultural value of the existing knowledge of the learner. Thus, we create our products to enhance critical thinking skills to children and encourage them to construct their own models of learning with what is being studied, and create their own hypotheses, before testing them on the CUBE environment. Teachers are encouraged to provide key questions that are used in various sequences that generally create a context within the framework of a story. Together, learner and teacher can create storyline scenarios through visualization; the making of collages, three-dimensional models and pictures employing a variety of art and craft techniques. These stories can also provide a visual stimulus for the skill-practice planned by the teacher in teaching these cognitive themes.

Different Themes to Explore!

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More Stuff about the CUBE

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Modular toy that can store easily away
  • Parents can create their own themes (police station, lemonade stand, castle, etc.)
  • Modular toy that can transform into any structure (building, furniture, etc.)
  • Graphic design panels enhances creativity
  • Accessory pieces create real life simulation for children (police station, hospital, fire station, etc.)
  • Expands and contracts with additional pieces to formulate a larger structure at 8ft tall & 12 ft wide (ex. castle, fort, bridge, etc.)
  • Lament coating allows for children to write and draw on the cube’s outer surface
  • Dense foam material allows for a lighter and stronger cube
  • Our cube enhances imagination and develops children’s cognitive, behavioral & imaginative skills Built for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Subscription-based service gives users access to special benefits and our online store