Welcome to our referral program, where you can earn coupon discounts to purchase our products and win valuable rewards. You can win a free CreatiCUBE by referrals, word of mouth and spreading the news to your friends, community and networks.

Invite your friends and You both get rewards!

Tell all your friends! For the 1st 3 friends that you refer to our campaign and makes a donation of $20.00 each ($60.00) total you will receive a 5% off coupon for any item of purchase. Your friends will also receive a 5% off coupon for their first item of purchase. We will credit your account once their product is shipped. If you get 50 friends to donate $20.00 or more then you can receive a free CreatiCUBE.

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Every 1 referrals that donate $20.00 or more counts as 1.66% of 5%, so if you get 3 referrals, then it will be a 5% coupon total received (1.66% for each friend participating). Below is a chart summarizing the referral and percentage amount for coupons. Click on coupon for more information.


50 Referrals & Free CreatiCUBE

five-coupon 3 referrals
ten-coupon 5 referrals
20-coupon 10 referrals
30-coupon 15 referrals
40-coupon 20 referrals
50-coupon 25 referrals
60-coupon 30 referrals
70-coupon 35 referrals
80-coupon 40 referrals
90-coupon 45 referrals

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